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Leo Power weeks




Leo 100 Power Weeks
Launching in June 2013

As you all know our 100 Power Weeks programme is coming soon. This programme will rock the industry.  Here are the four basic steps:

Step 1 - Purchase £10 “Lion Code” product pack
Step 2 - Earn £10 by selling four “Lion Code” packs
Step 3 - Earn rewards by staying “Active”
Step 4 - Earn up to £1000 per week residual income

Step 1: Purchase £10

Purchase £10 “Lion Code” product pack
Purchase a very high value “Lion Code” product pack for only £10 and automatically participate in “100 Power Weeks” programme.
1: Direct Bonus          (instant payment)
2: Royalty Bonus       (weekly payment)
NOTE: Launched already - this product pack is available for sale NOW.

Step 2: Earn £10

Earn £10 by selling four “Lion Code” packs
Earn “Direct Bonus” when you sell “Lion Code” product pack to someone (and soon there will be other products in this programme).
Sell four product packs and your product becomes totally FREE for you.
First                = Direct Bonus £1
Second            = Direct Bonus £2
Third               = Direct Bonus £3
Fourth             = Direct Bonus £4
Total earning    = £10
(Your money back to your pocket keeping it warm)
There is no limit on how much money you make. For each set of four sales you will get £10.

Step 3: Earn rewards

Earn rewards by staying active
Collect 10 points from a simple “Activity List” to become “Active” for a week
- Stay “Active” for a week and earn 1 eLearning Course Credit (value £1)
- Stay “Active” for any 10 weeks (total, not consecutive)  and receive 1 “Lion Code” product pack to resell (value £10)
Maximum eLearning Course Credits you may receive = 100 (total value £100)
Maximum “Lion Code” product packs you may receive = 10 (total value £100)
Total rewards value = £200
NOTE: Will be launched in June 2013. Get your team in place and trained!

Step 4: Earn £1,000 per week

Earn up to £1000 per week residual income
Help your team to grow by duplication and earn “Royalty Bonus” every week.
Each “Active Student” gives you 1BP (Bonus Point) and you earn 10% “Royalty Bonus “on your lesser team.
100 active students in lesser team         = 100 BP       = £10 Royalty Bonus
1,000 active students in lesser team      = 1,000 BP    = £100 Royalty Bonus
10,000 active students in lesser team    = 10,000 BP  = £1,000 Royalty Bonus
This residual income is on all existing “Active” students and independent of new sales - if they are a student engaged with our products we will reward you!
There is weekly earning cap depending on your membership status. Basic = £10, Bronze = £50, Silver = £250, Gold = £500 and Platinum = £1,000
Note: In order to receive “Royalty Bonus” you must be an “Active Student”
NOTE: Will be launched in June 2013. Start getting your teams to build BIG

This is a unique programme that will bring lightning speed into your business.
Now is the time to get into gear and drive faster than a Ferrari.
If you are looking for a chance then this is it.
If you are looking for an opportunity then this is it.
If you are looking for the right plan then this is it.
If you are looking for the right product then this is it.
If you are looking for the right company then this is it.
If you are looking for the right time then this is it.

Make yourself take action. Drive your business forward. You have timing on your side. It will never be stronger. We are creating a big story. Work harder and speak to more people. Focus on what you want to have, not on what you don't have.

There is no excuse left, the only thing between you and your ultimate success is the moment of decision that you need to put yourself in.  Everyone can do it, thousands and thousands will, but only you can decide to.

All good,


Atif Kamran
Global Marketing Director

Leo package :

Package Name                                      Price 
PROFESSIONAL                                1000 pounds 
BUSINESS                                          500  pounds  
START UP                                           125  pounds
LION CODE +                                           20     pounds
Lion code                                             10    pounds

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