Monday, June 1, 2015

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LEO is excited to share with you some fantastic press coverage to support your business.

Why you need this information
Press releases are a great way for you to know what people around the world are saying about the company.

Having access to the press coverage also means that you can show your contacts up to date information on LEO, and how we are being perceived in our growing markets.

Great news for entrepreneurs and business owners
The press coverage highlighted below gives you the opportunity to speak to anyone who has considered a career within the Direct Selling industry, or for anyone who has considered becoming an entrepreneur or business owner, and tell them how LEO will help them on their way to success.

Here is what the press have been saying.

The Future of Money
In this article FX/MM Magazine speaks to LEO CEO and Co-Founder Dan Andersson about the future of digital currency, and how the UK is embracing the opportunities that come with it. Businesses and entrepreneurs attempting to expand into the UK and global markets have been suffering at the hands of high bank charges, and charges incurred from using credit cards.

LEOcoin not only reduces these costs for entrepreneurs and small businesses, but has also ensured that it is a fast, safe and easy form of payment. Dan finishes by informing readers that LEOcoin will eventually be for everyone; entrepreneurs, business owners and the general public will have access to a digital currency which is not only fast and cost effective, but also extremely easy to use.

LEO Launches in USA
Business for Home on-line magazine covered our LEO Pre-Launch event at the world-famous Hudson Theatre in New York, which took place on Saturday 25th April. They focused on our current status of Membership with the US DSA, and also referred to our launch of LEOcoin.

The LEO Pre-Launch in New York, along with the new products available, is your chance to expand your business into the USA. The article focussed on our current DSA USA Membership status; this is important for you to know.  Tell people you know who have shown an interest in the Direct Selling industry, but have been unsure whether Direct Selling industry is for them. Being a Member of the DSA USA means that LEO are committed to keeping up with all standards set by the Direct Selling Association, as well as the regulations set by the countries in which we operate.

Spread the word
These materials are not just let you know what people around the world are saying about LEO; you need to visit your local corner shop, or the friend you know who wants to set up a business but cannot afford it, and tell them about the LEO products and platforms that will help them to grow and discover their full potential. Show them the positive press and explain just how LEO will change their lives.

For more information on LEO Marketplace, please visit the website.

For more information on LEOcoin, please visit the website.

For more information on LEOxChange, please visit the website.

This is a regular series which is intended for you to use in your business endeavours. So please let me know if there are things happening locally to you that you would like to share.

Geoff Round
Global Marketing Manager

A DSA (Direct Selling Association) UK Registered Firm
Global Business.
Multiple Payment Processors: Neteller , Towah, PayPal etc
Product Lines:
1: E Learning Courses with Certification (Trainings and Education) 50+ Available 700+ Planned
2: E Tutoring
3: Technology: Tablets, Android Phones (Announcing in May) Pre Loaded with Trainings.
4: Live Seminars from Worlds Best Trainers.
5: Announcing Soon.

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